College Care Package for Sorority Recruitment Week

**This post was created in partnership with Kleenex and Wal-Mart.  However, all opinions expressed in the post are my own.**

As my Gamma Phi girls back at Florida State gear up for recruitment week, I thought I would put together some care package ideas for all the girls that will be participating in recruitment.  It is a long week but oh so worth every late night and every blister.  Regardless of which side of recruitment you are on, I think every sorority girl would be elated to receive a package full of these goodies during recruitment week.

Pink & Gold Hair Ties
Because after the recruitment "parties" are over, the first thing she'll want to do is pull her hair up

Kleenex Expressions Oval Tissues
Because, even if she has made it the whole week without shedding a tear, you know there will be tears shed when they welcomes all those new sisters!  You can find these stylish new tissues that won't clash with her dorm room style at Wal-Mart.

Stila Stay All Day Lipgloss
Because the last thing she'll have time to do in between each recruitment party is reapply her lipgloss

Picture Frames
Because you know she'll have a thousand new pictures to frame when the week is over

Because those tots-adorbs heels that she is wearing, are wearing on her

Because she'll be talking to a lot of new people this week.  Need I say more?

Tylenol or Advil
Because chances are something (or someone) will give her a headache

Larabar Snack Bars
Because its a busy week and she'll need to keep her energy up

Because her social, academic, and volunteer schedule is going to fill up quickly after this week is over

Because every sorority girl needs a pair of pearl earrings

So to all my fellow sorority girls, what do you think?  Is there anything else you would include?


  1. Love these! Hand sanitizer and Vitamin C boosters, like Airborne, were always a must!

  2. Orange juice! Helps with losing your voice and getting sick. Also Band-Aid makes a roll-on blister protector. That stuff is gold.

  3. Such a good list! I didn't go through recruitment, but I did join a social sorority (that isn't a part of Greek life) so I am excited to get back into that this year! But if you would like to participate, I think this post would be good for the College Blog Hop on my blog today! (gina-alyse.com) :)

    Also, I'm just loving how cute that Lily planner is!!