Girls Night | It Started with HELLO

Today’s post is sponsored by Lindt HELLO, but my love for their chocolate is all my own! #duh!

I never knew how hard it would be to make new friends after I graduated.  You wouldn't know it once you meet me but I've always been pretty shy.  After graduating law school, I was really challenged to step outside of my comfort zone and form new relationships.  Some of the most meaningful relationships that I've made have come from the most unexpected places - most of the times, all it takes is a simple "hello."

I was introduced to this group of girls on a whim and I haven't ever looked back.  They are some of my most treasured friends.  Each week, we try to get together for a little girls night.  Most weeks they are filled with wine and trashy TV.  Whenever I host, I also try to have a few snacks on hand and these new Lindt HELLO chocolates are the perfect additions to our girls nights.

Lindt HELLO, the hip, trendy brand in premium chocolate, is a new collection from Lindt of sinfully delicious premium chocolate inspired by classic American treats.  It is available in 4 different flavors and in 3 different ways.  I decided to pick up one of the assorted mini-stick bags for our last girls night since they are perfect for sharing.

There are 4 different flavors: Cookies & Cream, Strawberry Cheesecake, Crunchy Nougat, and Caramel Brownie.  My favorite was definitely the cookies & cream!  

Lindt Chocolate is partnering with Ashley Tisdale to co-produce “It Started with HELLO” premiering on September 12th on the "It Started with HELLO" Youtube page. It is a fun, new romantic comedy digital series capturing couples as they make their first connections, and is inspired by the cheeky personalities of the new Lindt HELLO products.

From September 12th through October 9th, you can visit the "It Started with HELLO" Youtube page to view new episodes of “It Started with HELLO” weekly and share your opinions on who you would like to see paired up next.  You can even choose the ending to each episode!

You should also check out the Lindt HELLO Sweet Connections Sweepstakes for a chance to win sweet experiences from Lindt Chocolate!

So go out there and just say HELLO!  I promise you, it is totally worth it!


Bigs & Littles Blogging Network is back!

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It is now time to sign up for this round of the
 Bigs & Littles Blogging Network! 

What is Bigs & Littles?

This is a partnering of bloggers to teach, to learn and to grow that lasts two months. In the Bigs & Littles Blogging Network, big & little bloggers are matched together. Each of us regardless of size or experience has something we can give back to others. Throughout this program you will have the ability to build a new friendship, share experiences, teach, and learn.  We know that sometimes in the beginning days of our blogs we were frustrated, even sometimes now we just need a little blogging advice. We just felt that sometimes we were at a lost, with no one to help us understand  how blogging worked. This is something that we feel never changes, yes our blogs have grown tremendously, but with that comes a whole new set of issues that arise.

Have you ever felt the same? Well we can tell you that sometimes asking another blogger questions and advice can be quite frustrating and intimidating. Well if you are looking for a way to meet someone to share advice and just someone to lean on through your blogging experience, then this may be the perfect program for you. 

Want help designing our blog, learning how to grow your blog, or just some general advice then we suggest that you take a moment to contemplate this program!

How it works:
The sign up will run from September 12th- September 19th! Once the deadline has passed, the process of finding your partner will begin! This process will take about a week, but depending on the number that sign up it could take a bit longer or it could take less time. The partner list should be out by September 23rd.  Your Partnership will run for 2 months, at the end of this time you will need to sign up again to receive a new partner.

**New** When will sign ups occur?
Signups will occur 3 times a year in: January, May, and September

Why you should sign up?
The idea behind the Bigs & Littles Blogging Network is for bloggers to teach, learn, and grow from each other. Furthermore, the goal is to become close with one another and support each other, and at the end of it all make new friends. Our vision is not only for the Littles to grow their blogs and learn from their big, but that this process will propel them into becoming a big themselves. Regardless if you are a big or little, there is something that we can all bring to the table to help each other.

We also want to note that we suggest that you not focus on being defined as a big or a little. You fall into one of these categories based on a variety of things. The idea that everyone could be matched with someone as large of a blogger as The Small Things Blog, while it would be amazing it unfortunately is simply impossible at this time. Our point is take this experience and run with it. Remember that what you put into this experience will be what you get out of it. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us here. 

Before you sign up please read this recap of the rules:

The Rules: 

1. Please follow the hosts: ChelseeDeb, Kristyn, Tiffany & Christine!
2. If you are unable to continue with your relationship with your partner, please send an email here and I will make make arrangements to reassign you another partner. 
3. If for any reason you feel that your partner is not participating, please email us here. Note if you do not email us to let us know then there is nothing we can do to help.
4. Please note that if you sign-up but do not actively participate, then you will be unable to participate in the future (This is only fair to your partner, and not malicious). 
5. Write a post and link it up with us on November 7th detailing your Bigs & Littles experience and about your Big or Little(s).

Have Fun & Make Friends!

*Feel free to Grab our button and use it on your blog! 

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Once the partners are revealed I will be emailing out ideas for what to do with your partner during the program period. If you have any ideas about how to get to know your partner better and/or helping each other then feel free to email them! Additionally if you have any questions about this program just leave them in the comments or email us. 

Click here to Sign Up!


Shop My Closet, Part 4 | Pants & Skirts

You can shop Part 1 here

You can shop Part 2 here

You can shop Part 3 here

I've been slowly working my way around the house trying to declutter and get rid of things that I'm not using. I finally made it to my closet and I realized that I have a lot of nice items that I no longer wear or that don't fit anymore. So I'm having my first blog sale. All shipping is $3 for one item, $5 for two or more, unless otherwise noted. If you want something, comment on this post or email me at carolinafireflies {at} gmail {dot} com and make sure to include your paypal address!

I am willing to negotiate on some items :) Just ask!

Ann Taylor Loft
Animal Print Skirt, Size 10
Worn twice
Asking $15

Stella Bootleg Jeans, Size
Worn a handful of times
Asking $10

Black and white geometric print skirt, Size 6
Worn once
Asking $15

1981 Skinny jeans, Size 29/8
Worn a handful of times
Asking $10

Ann Taylor Loft
Gold Jacquard Skirt, Size 8
Worn a few times
Asking $15

Pale green print skirt, Size 10
Worn once or twice
Asking $15

Lilly Pulitzer
Lavender colored skinny jeans, Size 10
Never worn
Retails $148, Asking $60

Lilly Pulitzer
Blue & White striped skirt with gold detail in thread, Size 10
Never worn
Retails $158, Asking $40

Ann Taylor Loft
White Linen Pants, Marisa Fit, Size 8
Worn twice
Asking $10

Light pink chino pants, Size 8 Regular
Worn twice
Asking $15

Ann Taylor Loft
Blue/Gray striped pants, Size 8
Worn twice
Asking $10

Antonio Melani
Gray/light blue stripe skirt with button detail, Size 6
Worn a handful of times
Asking $10

Banana Republic
White skirt, Size 8
Don't even remember buying this haha! Maybe worn once
Asking $10