IT'S A...


Sometimes I still can't believe that I'm going to have a daughter!  Minutes after I took that pregnancy test I had a strong feeling it was a girl but I was only about 6 weeks along at this point.  Over the next 14 weeks, between all the old wives tales and the fact that I couldn't stop saying "he" instinctively when referring to the baby , I started thinking that maybe it was a little boy.  By the time our anatomy scan rolled around, I was convinced we were having a little boy!  Needless to say I was shocked when the tech told us it was a little girl but oh so excited for pink, bows, and tutus!  We can't wait to meet our daughter! 


Let's Get Back Into This!

Wow!  It's been such a long time since I've blogged!  I keep thinking "It's already late. I'll get a post up tomorrow for sure" and then the next thing I know it's Sunday night and a new week is about to start!  There have been a lot of changes around here so let's get right back into this blogging thing with my favorite Friday link-ups!


1 | 23 weeks pregnant!!!

Seriously, how did we get here???  We're over halfway there! Didn't we just find out we were pregnant like last week?  It still doesn't feel real even though I constantly feel this little babe moving around in there.  I still don't feel like I'm going to be a mom.

{22.5 weeks}

I haven't even done a bumpdate! Gasp!  What a terrible blogger I am!  Maybe I'll do one for week 20 and then throw a few in there this second half.

2 | Prenatal Yoga

I have been having the worst hip pain.  Chris was so sweet and booked me a prenatal massage for my birthday 2 weeks ago.  While she worked on my hips, she suggested I try out some yoga poses that will help stretch my hips which will not only help  now, but when it comes time to birth this baby. 

PRETTY PLEASE?  Will you please send me your favorite prenatal yoga poses/you-tube videos??  I took a bikram yoga class once or twice about 5 years ago but that was a disaster and has been my only yoga experience so far.

3 | New Job

I started a new job with a new law firm last week.  Even though it was so hard to say goodbye, this move really was best for my career and my family.  This new firm is much more "virtual" so I can really work from anywhere.  My home base will be my home and then I'll be in the office whenever I need to be.  I'm still getting to do the work I love (estate planning and administration - I know you all think I'm crazy for loving this type of work!) and this firm will allow me to really specialize in my favorite aspects.  It's been a little hectic getting adjusted to a new schedule and new way of doing things but I'm slowly getting into a groove.

4 | New patio

I really didn't ever think I would see the end of this patio journey.  Over 3 years ago, I posted a picture on Instagram of Lilah standing on a huge pile of crush and run.  That's when this whole mess started.  For a long time, I just put it off.  It was a project started by someone I didn't want to remember and the fact that it was left unfinished always made me angry.  With some nudging and a lot of help from my mom I started looking into different options.  Initially, Chris and I thought we could finish it ourselves with the help of his brother who does landscaping.  After a day of hard labor, we realized we were in way over our heads.  I'd like to say that bringing in a professional made it easy but there was a long road, and a small detour to small claims court, still ahead.  I can finally say that as of today, over three years, a lot of tears, 3 different contractors and some huge help from my mom later, we are finally FINISHED!

5 | Some things to look forward to...

Some blog posts I still need to do... How I told Chris about the baby, the gender reveal (hint: check instagram!), nursery inspiration and much more!

I will start to take ads again in a few weeks!  Look for a new media kit and ad options soon!

We're going to get back on the blog goal train for this year!  I hope you all will still follow along!


Preparing Our Formula for Happiness

We still have about 5 months until baby Whitaker makes her debut, but we've already started preparing for when she is here.  I'm not just talking about getting all the things she will need.  We've also started talking about how we are going to keep our heads on straight and make sure she is happy and healthy.  These may not work for everyone and they may not even work for us, but hopefully these will help any other new moms-to-be out there start thinking about their own Formula for Happiness.

Make a plan of attack

I read this great article the other day about how two new parents never really talked about how they would handle the middle of the night feedings.  They both just assumed that every night they would both wake up for feedings so they could be together as a family spending time with their new baby.  They quickly realized it was crazy to have both of them awake all the time and their relationship was suffering because of it.  They needed to sit down and talk about how they would handle it.

Chris and I have already had this conversation.  I am a night owl (though I might fool you these days) and am typically up a few times a night, pregnant or not.  I have no problem getting up and then going back to sleep after I've used the bathroom or had a snack.  About 4 am is when I really starting getting my "good" sleep and I am not a morning person at all.  Chris sleeps soundly through the night and it is usually me nudging him awake to get up and turn off his alarm at some ungodly hour like 5:30 am.  He is much more of  morning person.  We've already decided that I will do the overnight feedings and he will get up with her in the morning so that I can get my "good" sleep.  I'm sure this will take some adjusting when the little one gets here but we've talked about it and have a loose plan that will be a good starting point for us.

Don't be afraid to ask for help

I am not one to ask for help but I know I'm going to need it when the baby comes.  Problem is, I am terrible at asking for help.  That's why I've started asking for help now, with the hope that this will make asking for help easier for me when the baby comes.  Practice makes perfect right?

Realize you're already not in control

This is probably the best piece of advice I've been given so far and it's been great to keep in the back of my mind as we start preparing.  No matter how much I try to prepare, carefully choosing which bouncer or type of bottle to register for, it's not really my decision.  This little babe will get here and may hate a bouncer and we may have to try dozens (lets hope not!) of different bottles and nipples before we find one she likes.  Realizing this now has really helped take the stress off while registering and trying to make the seemingly endless decisions that already need to be made.

Try to get as much sleep as possible

Now I know you're all probably thinking "yeah, right!" and "easier said than done!" but hear me out.  I think it is important to start thinking about how you are going to do this when baby gets here.  I already mentioned that we have a plan of attack as to who does what but there are also some other things we are doing now.  First off, I'm reading a lot of different books to get an idea of the strategies out there.  I may or may not agree with all the things I am reading but this makes me feel more prepared with an arsenal of options to try when baby gets here.

Second, I'm planning to schedule a free appointment with Gerber's new certified baby sleep consultant.  This is a free service for all parents, regardless of whether you bottle or breast feed.  As I said, I know I'm going to need help so I'm going to have everyone in my corner that I can!

To all the new and veteran mommies out there - What is your formula for happiness?  What other things should we start doing now to prepare for a happy and healthy baby?