Our Biggest Announcement Yet...

In case you missed it on Instagram last week....

Chris and I are so excited to announce that we are adding an extra special member to our family! Our little surprise is due in early December! We all can't wait to meet our little blessing!

I am 14 weeks as of yesterday and these ultrasound photos are of our little babe at 13 weeks. I do plan on doing bumpdates for myself (although I already missed week 13!) and I'll probably share more about how I told Chris and how we told our families and friends. This blog has been quiet for a little while because I haven't been feeling like doing much of anything these last two month but I am looking forward to documenting this journey for our little nugget and ourselves!

And now for your viewing pleasure, and just because I think they are funny... the outtakes of trying to get 3 big dogs to sit next to each other and still, while trying to keep two foster pups out of the picture!

I probably would've used this one, even with Molly in the picture, if she hadn't been showing the camera her little bottom.


Afternoon Snack Perfect for Work

By the time 3 p.m. rolls around each day, my energy is dwindling fast and I definitely need a pick me up!  And after dealing with all the crazy that goes on here each day, I definitely feel like I deserve a special treat!  But I can't just take a break of leave the office whenever I want to go out to get a treat and my waistline definitely doesn't allow for an ice cream cone or candy bar every day. 

Recently, I've been keeping these little Kozy Shack Simply Well pudding cups in the office fridge. They are the perfect treat to get me through the last few hours and satisfy my cravings for something sweet.  Even better is that they taste like a little reward that I can eat right at my desk!

The great thing about Kozy Shack Simply Well pudding cups is that they are gluten free, have no sugar added, have only 1.5 grams of fat, and they are ONLY 90 CALORIES!  These have quickly become my go to better-for-you snacking option!

Check out the Kozy Shack Instagram page for more ideas and recipes for Kozy Snack Simply Well pudding!


Just Because My Dog Barks Doesn't Mean She's Aggressive

I'm going to tell you a little story and I'm going to rant for a second here because this is my blog and my boyfriend is tired of hearing me bitch about it.

Between me and my boyfriend, we have three dogs.  We have two rescue hound mixes that weigh about 60 lbs each and a golden retriever who weighs about 75 lbs.  I mastered walking all three of them at once a long time ago.  They are generally good on the leash...

...unless we see another dog (or stroller, or bicycle, or god-forbid a motorcycle - but that's not the point).  The point is that when we see another dog, they bark.  All three of them bark.  All three of them just want to go say hi to the other dog.  Now, I'll admit, they are three big dogs and they have big dog barks but, like I said, I have control over them and do make them sit while the other dog walks by us or out of view.  This doesn't stop the barking though.  It is a nuisance but, come on, they are just dogs and they just want to say hi.  As soon as we get close enough to the other dog to say hi, they stop barking and greet each other in typical dog fashion, by sniffing all the butts.

Well there is this lady that lives down the street.  I would guess she's about the same age as I am, maybe a few years older.  Her and her husband have a very cute, long-hair, medium size dog with a beautiful brindle coat.  Their dog must not bark though because she thinks that because my dogs bark, they are aggressive and are going to attack her and her dog.  This is obviously what she should think based on what I just told you, right?

My dogs have never gotten anywhere near her or her dog, much less lunged at or snapped at them.  Yet, whenever this woman sees us coming, even half a mile down the street, she gives me the. dirtiest. look. and turns around and walks away from us as fast as she can.  She doesn't just wait for us to pass or walk on the other side of the street, she walks in the complete opposite direction she is going! Sometimes she does this before the dogs even notice them and start barking.  The other night she turned around and went back in the house while her husband stood bewildered in the middle of the street.

I know that the dog is friendly and she must be friendly with other people because I've seen her talking to another neighbor while they were both out walking their dogs.  So why does she hate me and my dogs when she's never even met me or my dogs?  The only conclusion I can come to is because they bark.

This enrages me.  Yes, enrages!  It is utterly ridiculous and unfair that she acts like my dogs are such terrible dogs she can't even walk near them.  Even though they have absolutely no idea, my feelings are hurt for them and it makes me feel like a terrible furry parent.  I imagine this is what it will feel like when my future kid gets called a name by the other kids or doesn't get invited to a sleepover.

I know there is nothing I can do about this and I shouldn't let it bother me but it does.  Every single time.  Then I feel ridiculous for letting something so silly get to me like it does.

What do you think?  Am I absolutely crazy for getting my feelings hurt over this?